Your One True Purpose Even If You Feel You Don’t Have One

Everyone has a purpose. But in turbulent times we can lose it. Like a hat on an insane roller coaster ride, our sense of purpose comes flying off our heads as we dip and twist through the corkscrews, loops, and vertical drops that make up this hectic thing called life. While the hat may be […] Read more

Life Improving Idea: Defeat Intrusive Memories

Our brains selectively reinforce and delete memories, as we sleep. It deletes the things that are not needed, and stores the memories it wants to keep. The problem for many is: why are some memories kept against our will, and why do they pervasively inject themselves into our waking days? This can be a source […] Read more

Life Saving Idea: Don’t Judge Destructive Drinking

Shaming others of their drinking is a surefire way to encourage the opposite. We may think it helps them stop what they are doing, but it doesn’t. It never will. In fact, it can reinforce it. If we stop judging them, we might just save their life. A Vicious Cycle of Shame and Guilt No […] Read more

Life Altering Idea: Create Lasting Change

Change takes Time, Talent, and Tenacity. Without these 3 pillars, you do not have lasting change. At the very root of every self development or habit book are these concepts. They may not be identified explicitly, but they are always there. And that’s why we are going to use them to make a truly powerful […] Read more

Life Saving Idea: Prepare For Disaster

Records are being broken.  And not the good kind. RECORD RAINFALL –Recent hurricane harvey shattered a 1978 rainfall record for a hurricane, pushing it to become the most costly natural disaster in U.S. history. This cost will further be compounded as hurricane Irma, yes, another hurricane, strikes florida. RECORD HEAT – The world was roasted in […] Read more

Life Changing Idea: Manifest a Miracle

In early august I woke up to the golden skylight that was the illuminated ceiling of my tent, stepped outside, and marveled at the beautiful mountain landscape as it was greeted by the morning sun. Behind me was a life of tired routine, and in front of me was this new adventurous way of living […] Read more