Life Altering Idea: Create Lasting Change

Change takes Time, Talent, and Tenacity. Without these 3 pillars, you do not have lasting change.

At the very root of every self development or habit book are these concepts. They may not be identified explicitly, but they are always there.

And that’s why we are going to use them to make a truly powerful impact in your life, which starts with the simple map below.

How Change Works

pillars of change

The 3 Pillars of Change

In the diagram there are 3 overlapping quadrants. These are Time, Talent, and Tenacity: the 3 pillars of change.

Our pillars of time, talent, and tenacity are our own, and we all bring different amounts of each to the table. The question you need to be pondering is: how much time, talent, and tenacity do I possess?

The Three Pillars of Change

Let’s take a moment to go over the 3 pillars.


How much time do you dedicate to the areas you want to change in your life? 100%? 50%? 0? If you are not dedicating time to the things you wish to change, then you need to work on this pillar. The question then becomes: What things will you spend less time on so you can dedicate more time to creating change?


What natural talents do you have that you find easy to do, that others envy? If you do not have many talents, then this is a pillar you need to work on. The question then becomes: What talents do you want to develop?


Do you provide unwavering commitment and dedication to the things you wish to change? Are you showing up daily? If you aren’t executing often, then this is a pillar you need to work on. The question then becomes: How can I increase my commitment/willpower to create the change I need to create? Are there things I can stop doing so I can dedicate more of myself to creating change?

The Four Intersections

Where each pillar overlaps, is an intersection you might be stuck in. Let’s look at how that happens.

Dreamer – Time and Talent

You spend most of your time with your head in the clouds and have a hard time taking action, and/or give up on things easily. The problem is that you lack the drive to make things happen.

Tester – Time and Tenacity

You dabble and try a lot of things, preferring the spaghetti on the wall approach which consumes your time. This conjunction lacks the clarity and direction that talent provides.

Planner – Talent and Tenacity

You make lists and map out extensive plans for world domination, that don’t come true because you do not act on them. The problem is this is all busy-work, and so you aren’t spending time on the right things.

Look to the Chart for Guidance

The pillar you need to work on will be the area you lack the most in. You will need to work on this area should you wish to create lasting change. You need more balance across the pillars to gain headway.

If you lack focus and clarity in your life, then you probably test a lot of things. You jump from idea to idea. By studying the chart we can identify that you might be a Tester, and that the pillar you need to strengthen is Talent.

Or take my example: I know that my talent is creativity, and that I love using it to put together guides to publish online, But at the same time there is this constant struggle for me in finding the Tenacity and Time to do the work. This means I’m basically lazy, and need to strengthen my weak Tenacity and Time pillars to create lasting change.

Strengthening Pillars

In my case, I would would start using my creativity to come up with new novel ways to work. For me, this means using highly visual mind-mapping and goal setting software. My visual thinking enjoys using them, and so I get excited to invest time into my projects. As I invest time I gain more confidence in my abilities, and this makes me more tenacious to see things through.

When strengthening pillars there is a compounding effect. Focus on improving your weakest one and the rest will follow.

You can argue that Tenacity is the greatest pillar to possess in the beginning, and you might be right, but having only Tenacity can mean you might end up at a lot of dead ends, which can kill ones willpower and lead to massive burnout.

Pillars Change As We Age

We grow as we age. Things change because life experiences shape who we are. Your goals may change as you do, or even as you accomplish them. This is life, where nothing is certain or set in stone. The solution is to reflect on this map whenever you need to fix a pillar and create change again.

how to create lasting change

Create lasting change using Time, Talent, and Tenacity.

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