Life Saving Idea: Prepare For Disaster

Records are being broken.  And not the good kind.

RECORD RAINFALL –Recent hurricane harvey shattered a 1978 rainfall record for a hurricane, pushing it to become the most costly natural disaster in U.S. history. This cost will further be compounded as hurricane Irma, yes, another hurricane, strikes florida.

artic ice breaks off size of deleware

Artic ice breaks off size of deleware

RECORD HEAT – The world was roasted in 2016 from the highest heat ever recorded across ocean and land surfaces. As a result, 2016 also saw the largest block of arctic ice, roughly the size of the state of Deleware, break off the antarctic ice shelf.

100 earthquakes hit idaho

100 earthquakes struck idaho over 3 days

RECORD EARTHQUAKES – In one weekend, Idaho received over 100 earthquakes, igniting fears of a potential eruption of yellowstones very own super volcano, which has also seen a record amount of earthquakes – a staggering amount too – over 800…

RECORD DEBT – The U.S,. continues to accumulate more and more debt, putting us closer to the brink of gov shutdown closer every day. This crisis has trickled outwards to other countries, from Europe to China, putting record strain on the global economy.

And guess what? It isn’t isolated to just one area, these events are happening everywhere, and are only getting worse.

Philippines is expected to see the biggest earthquake it’s seen in thousands of years. The European trade union, is experiencing record debt and government shutdowns, and to top it all off…

There’s North Korea, with its finger on the button.  With recent progression on nuclear technologies, and a successful test taking place on Sept 3rd, deep inside a mountain, there’s now a very real threat of attack of either direct detonation of a nuclear device or high altitude detonation resulting in an EMP pulse that fries the electric grid, sending us back to the stone ages.

And if it isn’t a fireball sent by North Korea, there’s always the giant fireball in the sky that could send a grid destroying emp pulse and get the job done, in the form of a solar flare, courtesy of the sun.

This is proof of the old adage, that given enough time, disaster will strike.

Will you be ready?

Why you need to prepare

Your life has a dollar value tied to it. There’s no arguing it. The government and security reserves are created to help, yes, but for only a brief amount of time.

So much so, that global food reserves are estimated to last just 72 days in the event of a global disaster, which a combination of the events above could result in.

In a global disaster, this could very much mean your life becomes worth a couple bottles of water and blanket.

Hardly enough for a person to survive on…

There is no such thing as “free”

And it’s because we live in a Problem Economy.

Ever hear the old saying “There’s no such thing as free dinner?”

In disaster scenarios, this couldn’t be more true. You simply cannot expect anything provided to you to be free, as you will eventually be expected to pay it back in one way or another. Maybe not now, but eventually.

History has shown time and time again that greed leads organizations of power to look for ways to profit off of disaster.

yellowstone supervolcano disaster

Artist rendering of the yellowstone supervolcano erupting.

One looming example comes from how the current super volcano problem, in our very own backyard, is being approached.

It’s one for the books.

Perhaps you may have thought that solutions were being proposed to help neutralize the threat of the super volcano in Yellowstone from exploding. But in fact, one of the front-runner solutions doesn’t sound like that at all.

It is more likely designed, to profit off of it.

Yes, currently the leading plan for how to manage the impending super valcano crisis is to establish a geothermal energy plant that could potentially produce insanely profitable energy.

Oh, and by doing this they will somehow prevent an eruption from happening.

There’s probably never been such a clever ploy to trick honest taxpayers into paying for a record breaking power plant the powers in control can profit off of.

This is because in times of disaster, power changes hands the quickest. People have made more fortunes in disasters than not, and it happens at the cost of a widening gap between the rich and the poor.

In times of disaster, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer.

Do you still believe your life is better off in their hands?

disaster survival

Survive and thrive in times of disaster

Why your life belongs in your hands

Taking disaster preparedness seriously puts your life in your control. It puts the biggest value on your life because no one values your life more than you.

You will find there are many benefits to being in control:

BOOSTS SELF CONFIDENCE – competency improved confidence. Because knowing you can, brings confidence.

CALM UNDER PRESSURE – Planning and preparation creates calmness under pressure. The more you plan and the more you prepare the better equipped you will be to take on high-pressure situations.

PERSIST AND PERSEVERE – Having your needs met will allow you to sustain yourself longer than others. Having the means to meet your needs also gives you the qualities of perseverance, which is a crucial life sustaining quality.

STRESS LESS – Because you have everything taken care of, you will never worry about how your needs will be met. Without this worry you will feel less stress.

The 3 most important ways to prepare

Getting started takes commitment and practice. The biggest things that will help you

LIVE FRUGALLY – Living frugally teaches you to use everything at your disposal without wasting precious energy. This kind of practice becomes gold in a disaster scenario, and allows you to stretch rations and supplies even further than average person.

DEVELOP INTUITION – An often overlooked quality of a true survivor, is intuition. Intuition tells you when to avoid a scenario, which is just as important as being prepared for it. A person with high levels of intuition will be able to identify a high risk situation, and intelligently assess it.

DEVELOP PLAN OF ACTION – To survive a disaster you need to know how you are going to do it. You need to have a plan of action for how to manage your food, replenish your food, maintain safety, and navigate your area. Setting basic guidelines will give you a foundation you can stand on in an uncertain world, giving you an edge on the competition.

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