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In early august I woke up to the golden skylight that was the illuminated ceiling of my tent, stepped outside, and marveled at the beautiful mountain landscape as it was greeted by the morning sun.

Nothing is more freeing, than living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Behind me was a life of tired routine, and in front of me was this new adventurous way of living – a tent, car, the love of my life, health, and nature.

You could say I was living a miracle, and you’d be right.

And to think, it all started with just 15 minutes of mindful practice. In the post here I go over what I did to manifest a miracle, and provide you a system you can use to make it happen even quicker than I did.

The reason this works is because of the Law of Attraction.

fundamentals of LOA

Fundamentals of Law of Attraction via AchieveAlways

Miracles Come By Removing

Nature provides structure by removing the unnecessary. This profound truth is evident in how systems within nature function.

You can look at bees, and how they structure their lives into a perfect system, with everything from their homes to how they function being efficient. There is no room for waste. When the honeycomb itself is produced, a pentagon shape is used in each honeycomb structure, which minimizes waste while maintaining integrity and strength of the structure. The honeycomb is strong because nature removes the unnecessary.

What can you remove to make yourself stronger? Our limitations are often a result of our own doings. Sometimes we judge others or ourselves for having drinking problems, or allow intrusive memories to steal our power. Whatever limitations may be, the good news is you can break through them by following this first step – removing the unnecessary.

There are no limits.

Miracles Take Intention

Living a life where miracles exist and every day is a dream, takes intention. Intention is deceptively simple, which is why manifesting a miracle can be a challenge for many.

intentional living and LOA

Law of Attraction is big on Intentional Living – via This Blog

The most common way to practice intention is to visualize what it is you want. This can be done with meditation, or making a dream board, which is basically a collage of images that represent what you want.

The important key here, is that you must feel and know what you want. This is intention, and it is a powerful key to manifesting a miracle.

The universe was made for you.

Miracles Need Routine

Where many fail is they don’t practice intention. It’s sad too because all it takes is consistent practice of intention every day. Not a horrible amount either, just a 15 minutes a day of intention-based meditation.

what is intentional

Definition of Intentional via FindingTimeToFly

Do you have 15 minutes to spare each day? I bet you do. And if you don’t are you being honest with yourself? Isn’t a meager 15 minutes worth a future of miracles?

You can get started by adding 15 minutes of imagining what it is you want from life. It doesn’t need to be difficult in the beginning either. Just find a quiet place in nature admiring its beauty. Find solace in the little things like how the light hits the ground or soft breeze feels on your skin.

Nature provides the best backdrop for this exercise because we can’t help but become fully aware. Noticing the breeze, the birds, the clouds, or colors of the sunrise over a valley all brings us to the present moment. When this happens the noise of the day melts away, and you begin feeling at peace with the world. Once you have reached this state you can then begin visualizing the miracles you want in your life.

you must every day pitch your tent before the light

The Miracle Message

In these moments we discover nature is itself a miracle. In fact it’s the first miracle you will experience on this journey, and I want you to experience it because it is your doorway to creating lasting changea critical key to attaining a life of more.

If you cannot find time in nature every day, then you can meditate while watching videos like the one below or by listening to nature audio tracks.

15 minutes in nature doing intention-based meditation is an excellent way to start. It is addicting, and from there you may consider finding other ways to find its peace throughout the day.

Miracles Demand Acceptance

This is hardest step for most because they simply want to be able to do everything themselves. But part of the manifestation process comes from releasing yourself to the universe. To do this you must take action when opportunity presents itself.  

You’ve come so far already by establishing a miracle routine, but the crucial next step is accepting the gifts the routine has fruited. This often comes in the form of help. Accept it and you will see positive changes in your life. Do this so you can have a better tomorrow, better week, better month, better year – better life! By just accepting help.

Prepare for adventure

Prepare Your Miracle

How do you prepare a miracle? First, you journal. Then you visualize what it is you want.

Through journaling you uncover roadblocks, intentions, all while your subconscious masterminds your honeycomb.

You identify your intentions and weaknesses by circling them in each entry. As you create nightly entries, your strongest intentions and weaknesses become evident. They will repeat themselves. It is your job to know them.

You journal at night so your subconscious mind can work for you in projecting your intentions and breaking down your roadblocks as you sleep.

Journaling is wonderful because it helps release the intentions within us so that they may do their work in the world.

But when they are released there’s still a little more we must do.

We must maintain and strengthen them throughout the day with meditation.

Manifest Wealth

To manifest wealth, you must be prepared to accept help and work with quality people. You must also become optimistic. Don’t “be” optimistic, “become” optimistic. Without optimism you cannot attract the right people, which means you will not attract money.

Optimism makes it easier to recognize and act on new opportunities. When you become optimistic you become internally wealthy, which you use to cash in on new things.

Trying new things opens doors. For money, all it takes is opening the right one.

Visualize yourself trying a new venture, and the steps you will take to make it happen. Then act on them. The more optimism you bring, the better you will act, and the faster you will manifest money.

The universe doesn’t send ‘”inheritance” money from random strangers in foreign parts of the world. It sends it for trying new things that progress you further in life. It is a reward for doing something that stretches you as a person, and brings value to others.

When you act, you are always rewarded with wealth.

Experience is value.

Value is wealth!

Manifest Health

Sickness is often confused as a state of permanence. Sometimes we confuse the dips in our day as a sign that something is horribly wrong with us.

But everything is cyclical, and that needs to be accepted. Just as our own biological rhythms indicate, there will be peaks and valleys. These valleys and peaks exist because we must feel weakness to know strength.

The only thing we can do is rest and meditate in the valleys. But sometimes we do not know we are in a valley.

Manifesting health begins with acknowledging where we are. You acknowledge the valley so you know in your core being that you are not stuck in a state of permanence.

You then visualize yourself visiting the peak like you are visiting an old friend. Not something to be missed, but to be looked forward to.

Manifest Love

One of the interesting facts of life is that we often choose partners that look like our exes. This evidence shows the power our minds have on our love life. You could say the mind seeks familiarity, and so it finds it.

But what if we are actually manifesting partners that look like our exes because that is what our mind reflects on?

What if you reflect on the best qualities of all your exes, to manifest the end-all be-all partner of a lifetime?

This is one way to use your past relationships to manifest your greatest one yet.  It is a magnificent shortcut to getting the partner of your dreams.

If you don’t have exes, you can visualize the partner of your dreams. Imagine their features, mannerisms, and characteristics.

Don’t be surprised if the universe comes back with something better than you imagined. When we are new to relationships we fixate on the wrong things, and don’t know it until the right person comes along.

Miracles Start Small

I want you to imagine for a moment, that time does not exist. The only thing that exists is the Before and the After. There is the life you know now, the Before, and the life you can come to know, the After.

The amount of time you’ve spent in the Before is irrelevant, because time is not an accurate measure of quality of life. It can never be an accurate measure of quality of life.

This is because the Before can never outweigh the After. It can never be more than the After, because the After is itself, the most beautiful and fulfilling way to live that it outshines everything Before it.

It is your one purpose and your true destiny to find the After, which can not be quantified in any way we know of. Fulfilling it will always be enough. The joy of life is that the moment we fulfill it, becomes an eternity, and eternity can never be quantified.

All beautiful things, start small

And now it’s time for us to part ways, because you are now ready to find your After. By taking the small step of completing this guide, you now hold the keys to not only manifesting miracles, but also the path to finding your after.

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