Life Improving Idea: Defeat Intrusive Memories

Our brains selectively reinforce and delete memories, as we sleep.

It deletes the things that are not needed, and stores the memories it wants to keep.

The problem for many is: why are some memories kept against our will, and why do they pervasively inject themselves into our waking days?

This can be a source of frustration for many, especially when memories interfere with work and life. You can be going about your day just fine, living your purpose, and then BAM, a bad memory attacks.

Whenever this happens, we have 2 choices. We can accept it as just another hiccup in the day, or we can do something about it.

Doing something about it helps bring resolution to the memory, which robs it of its power over us, and puts it to good use.

By the end of this you’ll be taking negative memories and putting them to work for you in positive ways, so you can continue creating change.

stop bad memories

Defeat bad memories with one simple question.

The key is simple!

Whenever an intrusive memory begins to hijack your mind, you should ask yourself a simple question.

“For what purpose does this memory serve.”

This simple question helps us shine new light on intrusive memories. It helps us to view them differently so that we can come to terms with them -by finding ways they can serve you.

For example:

An intrusive memory about an embarrassing thing you did at a group gathering a couple years ago. You wish you could forget it but it somehow finds a way into your brain throughout the day.

Or maybe it’s something embarrassing that happened to you when you were a kid, that for some reason still bothers you.

How can you shine positive light on embarrassing memories?

You ask: For what purpose do these memories serve?

Your job is to find reason for each memory. Put each memory to work for you in making your life better.

Can it be used to remind me to not make the same mistake?

Can it help me to connect with others that experienced the same?

Does it provide me with an important life lesson?

If you feel nothing is to be gleaned from the memory, then maybe the memory is just a reminder that you were once a different person, and that you should be proud that you’ve grown up.

The point here is to find a positive way to reflect on bad memories, so that they serve you in a productive way.

This simple practice provides you with armor you can use against intrusive memories, giving you far better protection than telling yourself to just forget about it.

With enough practice your most undesirable memory will get weaker and less pervasive throughout the day. Do this practice for all your bad memories and eventually you will have amassed an arsenal of positive life-lessons you can put to work in your life.

invasive memories

It’s time to put your invasive memories to work.

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    Such a simple solution to an annoying problem. Thanks for the interesting question.

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