Your One True Purpose Even If You Feel You Don’t Have One

Everyone has a purpose. But in turbulent times we can lose it. Like a hat on an insane roller coaster ride, our sense of purpose comes flying off our heads as we dip and twist through the corkscrews, loops, and vertical drops that make up this hectic thing called life.

lose your purpose in life

Never lose your purpose even when life feels like a roller coaster.

While the hat may be gone, your purpose certainly is not!

No matter what you may think or feel right now, everyone has a boilerplate purpose. The difference between your boilerplate purpose and the one we want to wear on our head is that one is within you and the other can be taken away.

Our boilerplate purpose is a mixture of the essential components that make up a meaningful life.

  • Identity
  • Experience
  • Value
  • Passion
  • Action

With these components lies the formula for purpose. It is a foolproof formula that is as dependable as the rising and setting of the sun. When you know the formula you can never lose your sense of purpose again.

what's my purpose

Live your purpose even if you think or feel you don’t have one

To understand this formula, you must first understand its components.

Each component creates the other, and it all starts with Action.

With Action we gain Experience…

With Experience we create Value…

From Value we shape Identity…

From Identity we reveal Passion…

These components make up the revolving wheel that is our boilerplate purpose. It is an endless loop that never stops. A cycle that builds experience, value, identity, and reveals passions we didn’t know we had. It is our boilerplate purpose.

Your Boilerplate Purpose

Your purpose is to take action, so you may gain experience, from which you create value, so that you may shape your identity, and reveal your passion.

A boilerplate definition is what remains when we boil away all the nonsense that makes understanding a concept painful. Most books and courses would have you believe you need to read hundreds of books to understand concepts like identity, passion and purpose. 

With a boilerplate you can remove unnecessary components that are complicating a chemical reaction, reducing the formula to its core components. By doing this we can finally start taking action, rather than wasting more time reading the same message written in different ways.

purpose statement

Take action, gain experience, create value, shape identity, reveal passion… and repeat!

This formula works because:

You cannot gain experience without taking action…

You cannot create value without having experience…

You cannot shape your identity without creating value…

You cannot find passion without identity…

These components need each other. They require one-another to work. 

passion and purpose

Passion is just another form of curiosity.

You may not fully understand this until you take action. Until you take the first step.

The greatest mistake we can make is not to progress, to not do anything. You cannot revolve the wheel and live your boilerplate purpose if you do not take action. You cannot take action if you are stuck trying to find your identity or passion.

What many fail to realize is that passion is a form of curiosity. Curiosity drives us to take action, which revolves the wheel, bringing us more fulfillment and meaning in life.

Passion drives further action, which is why SO many seek it.

passion and action

People seek passion because it makes taking action easier.

But finding it starts with action.

So what are you waiting for? 

Never get stuck or lost again.

Take action and don’t look back.

Start living your purpose.

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  • Jacee August 24, 2019, 11:23 am Link Reply

    This really picked my spirit up, so thank you. I have been struggling with taking action for most of my adult life and have always wondered what it’s all for. This tells me that taking action and is how I answer that question.

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